Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Meaningful picture

Not ONCE. I prefer TWICE ! *lol

Meaningful picture

I was blog-walking when found this picture. And it suddenly make me think about my life. 

Interviewing : get me sweat

Make a decision for a resign is not so difficult, right ? I've been through this situation quite some times. This time, I did it again because I got a scholarship to get my higher education in project management. Scheduled to be on the Pre - Departure Training on July 15th, and I will be living at the end of this month, the management then open a vacancy for my soon-to be-left position as a project administrator. Shortly, 5 candidates then invited to come for an interview. Seems normal, huh ? Well, you right. Except, I will be part of the panelist for this interview. Doesn't sounds so special yet ? Psst.. I have never interviewing people for a job ever before.

And being part of the recruitment team, I try to seeing this process in a different angle. As a first time interviewer, make a questions is not very easy. It should bring candidate to show their potential skill, and attitude. And one question may lead to other question for in depth observation. I will be focus on some technical questions. For example, what should be prepared for an event like seminar or workshop ? How to deal with a tight deadline ? How to communicate with stakeholders, vendors, and colleague ? etc. Coming up with same question with the first two candidate, my colleague then realize that I am nervous. She told me to open up the questions by thinking about my daily routine and bring it as a case to be solve by the candidate. And I did. So the interview went from good to better. From unwieldy conversation to casual-organize dialogue.

On the first hand, being in this position teach me that interview is more that question and answering process. It is a situation for each other to do observation to meet their need. On the other hand, this experience was great and I can't for another opportunity to interviewing.

Rabu, 29 Mei 2013

The Billionaire

Yesterday, somehow, I "trapped" into one TV channel that played a Thai movie, called "The Billionaire". I don't understand the language but as long as it has a titling in English then it is fine with me.

The movie is based on true story about Top (I forgot his real name), a boy who struggled to find his way to become an entrepreneur. Started from won a price from game online, he then think about business. First he try to sell fried chestnut. Together with his uncle, they made their first stall in a mall. After a few times moving their stall to find a best spot to sell, their finally made it. Unfortunately, it doesn't last for long since the smoke caused pollution. Then they stop selling there.

Not long, he started selling fried seaweed and still wants more. He want his product to be sell on the 7eleven network. After rejected, new packaging improvement, and a long time to wait for approval meeting, finally he can sell his product. And this brought him to became a successful young man in business.

What I like about him is how he take everything he saw and hear, and use it for marketing his product. He often found new idea in a traditional market, write it down, then use it later. I believe it is what Yoris said about sleeping ideas.
It is also about his strong passion, and how he motivated himself to keep trying.

Just like he said, "Don't give up. Because when you do, you bring yourself to the end".